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Brand Nu-Metal 24bit


Brand Nu-Metal 24bit
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Brand Nu-Metal 24bit RiffWorks InstantDrummer Session - Drummerheads doesn't have a shiny metallic skull for a logo for nothing! We had to tweak our kit for this one, but man was it worth it - Tight snare, rolling double kick. Thrash away my friends. Thrash away. (This is optimized for 4/4 time and is ideal for Riffs whose lengths are multiples of 4.)

Tempo: 141 BPM (Find more 140-160)
Time Signature: 4/4
Genre: Metal, Rock
Keywords: Oh Travioso, Double Kick
Manufacturer: RWID by Drummerheads

One of the Top 12 Most Popular RiffWorks InstantDrummer Sessions.

All RiffWorks InstantDrummer sessions require RiffWorks v2 or later, including RiffWorks Standard.

Installlation Instructions for RiffWorks InstantDrummers.

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