Rock Series 2 Pro Set


Rock Series 2 Pro Set
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Chris McHugh (drummer) and Eric Darken (percussionist) recorded at the Sound Kitchen near Nashville, Tennessee.

Discrete Drums Pro Sets are recordings of pro drummers in multitrack 24 Bit WAV and pre-mixed 16 Bit 44.1 stereo formats for use with most DAWs that import WAV files (not RiffWorks).

Rock Series 2 Pro Set Includes:

  • Drum Loop Formats:
    • Multitrack WAV Files with ProTools Sessions*
    • Stereo 16 Bit - Apples Loops and WAV**
    • One Shot Samples
    • Audio Previews for Easy Auditioning
  • 17 GB of Content
  • 33 Sessions at a Variety of Tempos
  • Styles: Rock, Alternative and Pop
  • Sessions Divided into Parts Including Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Intros, Outros, Fills, Solos, Breaks, and More.

*Multitrack 24 Bit WAV drum recordings offer the most flexible mixing possibilities, as all tracks are delivered separately. Eight tracks of drums to mix, process and tune the way you want to fit your track. Mix, process, tune, distort, and mangle these drum and percussion tracks to suit your needs. For use in Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase, Nuendo, Cakewalk, Sonar, and other digital audio sequencers that import WAV files (not RiffWorks). These drum libraries were recorded using renowned drummers, engineers, producers & recording studios.

**Pre-mixed 16 Bit 44.1 stereo drum loops. Build the drum track you want from these amazing performances. More than typical drum loops, which are usually 2 bars long, you get song segments ranging from 2 beat intros, to 16 bar verses, choruses, bridges, and more! Compatible with any program that opens 16 bit WAV files: Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase, Sonar, Logic, Reason, Recycle, Live, Acid and more (not RiffWorks).

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  1. Discrete Drums Rock Series Two Preview

Recorded at the Sound Kitchen - "Studio E" - Cool Springs TN
The Sound Kitchen is the Southeast's most prestigious recording facility. Many of the biggest names spanning all music genres have recorded here (3 Doors Down, Amy Grant, Alabama, Brooks & Dunn, Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Guy, Chicago, Dixie Chicks, Jimmy Buffett, Keith Urban, and many more. Because Studio E is self contained, it is a very popular choice for projects. Within this studio is an 18' x 30' tracking room, four iso-booths, and a Yamaha C-7 piano. Studio E is ideal for tracking small sections, overdubs, and even mixing. Sound Kitchen's "Studio E" Web Site

Chris McHugh, Drummer
Not only can Chris McHugh be seen touring with Keith Urban on his 2009 "Escape Together World Tour," but his work can be heard on numerous platinum and Grammy Award winning recordings from a virtual who's who in the music industry. It is estimated that his involvement in the making of nearly 50 albums has played a role in the sale of upwards of 100 million worldwide. A New Jersey native, Chris moved to Nashville in 1985 to start his professional music career. He has since recorded, produced and audio engineered for the likes of Faith Hill, Brooks & Dunn, Rascal Flatts, LeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Garth Brooks, Jewel, etc. He has also served as Keith Urban's musical director for the past two years. More About Chris McHugh

Eric Darken, Percussionist
Eric Darken is a percussionist from Nashville, TN who has recorded with a variety of artists including Bon Jovi, Carrie Underwood, Josh Turner, CeCe Winans, Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mercy Me, Jewel, Bob Seger, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban and others. Eric Darken's music has been used on Dateline, 20/20, The Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer, Access Hollywood and a variety of MSNBC Shows. Eric has been nominated 4 times for an Academy of Country Music Award in the musician category, he is a 2 time nominee and winner of a Dove Award in the instrumental category and has been nominated 2 times for a Nashville Music Award. More About Eric Darken

Steve Marcantonio, Engineer
Steve Marcantonio Mix Interview: "Steve Marcantonio is a master at engineering. His work encompasses classic Nashville as well as the edgier side of the genre, including projects for Rodney Crowell, Deana Carter, Billy Falcon, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, George Strait, Alabama, the Warren Brothers and Vince Gill, among others."

Rick DiFonzo, Producer, Engineer, Discrete Drums Co-founder
"I come from a rock background, having played guitar on and/or toured with Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, Belinda Carlisle, Joan Osborn, Cyndi Lauper and others. Discrete Drums grew from my need for rocking drums that I could mix myself. I planned a drum library with a multitrack format, as no one else had done it. I knew lots of great drummers from my days as a session and touring guitarist, and brought them into the studio. Now you can customize the sound of the drum kits recorded by great drummers, and add them to your tracks just the way you want."


  • Agony of the Feet - 118.5 BPM - rock, pop, funk, hip hop drums with metallic loop. Percussion loop includes chime, church bell, dampened cymbal, tamb, tympani.
  • Big Stick - 70/140 BPM - slow HUGE drums rock.
  • Boogaloo - 110 BPM - rock/pop/funk/alt - nice trashy room sound. Breaks can be chopped up and used as intros. Lots of breaks, we had so much fun doing them we got carried away, didn't think anyone would complain about some extra stuff. Breaks allow perc loop to shine through. Percussion loop includes bamboo sticks, clay drum, gourds, hand drum, tambourine.
  • Brick in the Waltz -150 BPM - 6/8 slowish but big, good for world, alt or laid back pop track. Great vibe with or without percussion loop. brush toms and tub kick were performed at the same time. nice flow (note that loop2 has no end as neither instrument plays the last downbeat) Percussion loop includes bongo, brush tom, chime, drum, tub kick, ugly cymbal.
  • Bubble - 177 BPM - laid back worldy, really nice almost tropical feel. Note that loop 3 has no ending as the sound dies out by the end. Percussion loop includes dumbek, finger cymbal tree, gourd, hadjini, rain stick).
  • Clockworks - 100 BPM - Big solid drums. Loop has diverse elements, clacky plastic, metal chimes and buzzy sounds. Strip the loop down or use it all. Tons of fills and intros. Percussion loop includes tamb, anvil, buzz cymbal, plastic, stereo tympani sides, metal strip, buzz chime, leslie.
  • Crawling - 124 BPM - big and slow. sounds great with lots of room. The "pause" section is a short bridge groove with a pause at the end of the bar.


  • Down the Middle - 176 BPM fast rocker, alt, pop, straight ahead, simple.
  • Fly - 100 BPM Interesting earthy loop, including a broken toy from a kids burger meal. Ethno/world perc, lots of segments. The marching drum segments have a great feel, but due to their nature, may not loop well. Some start with a light snare hit and end with a press roll or tom hit, which may sound funny when looped. Experiment using segments of different marching sections. You can also add a crash and kick at the transition. Use the hat ends in other songs as well. Percussion loop includes african hand drum, flange shaker, leslie, mute djembe, sandpaper block, tamb, tick tock, wood drum.
  • Funk Factory - 120 BPM - great funk, rock, pop feel. Metallic loop makes a percolating bed for the drums. The leslie adds a nice effect. Percussion loop includes leslie, metal, snare brush, tamb head, trash cymbal.
  • Funk Juice - 107 BPM solid beat, funky, pop, r&b, hip hop, with earthy loop. Percussion loop includes bongo, clay bongo, conga, tamb, water bottle.
  • Funk Man - 97 BPM - rock, alt, pop piece with R&B flavor. Lots of breakdown sections with open and airy cymbals. The "ghost" and "buzz" segments are small snare pickup rolls that are perfect for preceding the intro to add a little nuance. End crash 4 is very light for use with the breakdown or cymbal only segments.
  • Goat Man -130 BPM - medium fast energetic track. Upbeat pop, alt, rock, or country. Percussion loop includes cajones, flange shaker, Leslie, large cabasa, sleigh bells, tamb, utar.
  • Heavy Rain - 122 BPM - the coolest vibe ever. Could be jazz, pop, r&b.
  • High Step - 126 BPM - big, grungy, rock, pop, alt drums. Nice tight verses, and crashing bashing choruses.
  • I Love Loosely - 87 BPM - rock, pop, alt, r&b, track with a nice boingy snare. "Busy" has a fast hat pattern, The loop was recorded as a performance on 5 tracks, which can be placed in a surround configuration. A few elements were also overdubbed. Nice loose funky feel. Percussion loop includes cut cymbal, percussion L, R, Center, Left R and Right R, ringy tympani, tamb
  • Krypton - 140 BPM - fast beat with a fairly hectic loop, alt, pop, r&b. Percussion loop includes brush snare, conga, cowbell, cymbal, floppy kick, tamb, trash cymbal, trash hat).


  • Lava - 130 BPM - light, laid back, funky track with juicy, earthy loop. Some sections have corresponding "ring out sections" enabling you to use them as soft endings or pauses. Percussion loop includes bass drum, bata, caxixi, djun, leslie, long gourd drum, pods.
  • Light It Up -112 BPM - straight ahead beat, nice fills, great feel, really simple but effective. Percussion loop includes gourd, shaker, tamb.
  • One Big World - 169 BPM - Nice, big and slow with worldy loop. Percussion loop includes bass drum, djun djun, log drum, seed pod, shaker, triangles, leslie.
  • Pulse Rate - 71.5 BPM - cool, hypnotic track with earthy loop. Percussion loop includes box, dumbek, gourd, tamb.
  • Rock Head - 145 BPM - pretty straight rock, with a bizarro metallic loop. Also good for funky R&B and alt/pop . Percussion loop includes china sizzle, rattle gourd, tire rim.
  • Rolling - 94 BPM funky, quirky, cool track with lots of variations to play with.
  • Shake - 120 BPM - ultra funky, alt, pop, R&B drums with a cool Latin/pop loop. Features a variety of choked cymbals which can be used in other pieces as well. Percussion loop includes conga, leslie, shaker, tamb.
  • Shimmey - 126 BPM - funky drums with a syncopated loop. Deconstruct the loop for simpler rhythms, use all elements for offbeat feel. (stereo wav mix uses sparser perc loop) Percussion loop includes can, grater, tin pots, water triangle.


  • One Shot Drum Samples
  • Skippin - 97/194 BPM - groovy, great swing, nice snap. Some segments were edited from a long performance, and may have tom ring from the previous section. If this is problem, simply automate a mute, ride the fader, or gate the tom tracks. Lots of segments on this one as it will get a lot of use.
  • Slam It - 68 BPM - two different very tribal, juicy, percolating loops with talking drums and tablas, under huge pounding drums. Sounds great with a lot of room. Percussion loop includes gourd drum, little tabla, shaker, talking drum, towel brush snare.
  • Slow Trip - 70/140 BPM - slow drums with a snakey loop. Includes a break down with the top layers only, just cymbals playing fills and flourishes. Percussion loop includes brush tabla, cymbal, frame drum, gourd, leslie.
  • Sparse - 65 BPM - the "top" sections are a light airy breakdown with time kept on the cymbal. They flow into one another, (suggestion: start with "top" and loop "top 2" as many times as you need, then end with top crash) The "sparse" section is a long break section with light fills and flurries. When used with the loop, it really works well. Percussion loop includes conga, finger cymbal, leslie, mute bottle, shaker, talking drum, water bottle.
  • Straight Up - 130 BPM - rock, pop, alt track. Solo section 2 has no downbeat on the kick as it is a continuation of Solo 1 which "pushes" the beat (kick appears on the last upbeat of the bar).
  • Swing Theory - 90 BPM - laid back, funky groove with unusual perc loop. Lots of motion. Percussion loop includes cymbal mute, drum, ratchet, scrape, shaker, tamb.
  • Tighten - 105 BPM - funky, alt pop track with cool loop. Percussion loop includes beads, hand percussion, metal, muff drum, tamb.
  • Towel - 90 BPM - very laid back mellow dry drums. Military flavored loop with the snare recorded on 3 tracks - try using center in the front, and left/right placed in the rear if working in surround. Ringo was said to use towels on his drums to get that cool dry Beatles drum sound. What most don't realize is that the towels he used were not big cotton towels, but English tea towels - very thin linen. Chris just happened to have a set.... while these may not sound exactly like Ringo, they have a great character. Percussion loop includes bass drum, snare C, L & R, tamb.

"Rock Series 2 Pro Set" on DVD is based on a product previously known as "Series Two Rock/Alt" on CD - this Pro Set has been re-launched and repackaged to include stereo along with the multitrack format. Discrete Drums Pro Sets are only available on DVD. This product ships from this U.S. store to everywhere except Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Also available from Amazon and select dealers worldwide. Email with questions.

If you only want stereo files (no multitracks) of this content, check out the Rock Series 2 Stereo Set ($99).

Also available, Rock Series 1 Pro Set.

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Discrete Drums is a Sonoma Wire Works brand.

RiffWorks recording software users: while RiffWorks does not import WAV files such as these, check out the RiffWorks InstantDrummer Sessions that are derived from the Discrete Drums Drum Recording Library as well as from other Manufacturers.

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