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Heavy Mental 2 Pro Set
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Picking up where Heavy Mental 1 left off, Heavy Mental 2 is an all new assortment of earth shattering performances by legendary drummer Tony Morra and the massive acoustics of the Big Boy Room at The Sound Kitchen. Drummer Tony Morra puts his heart and soul into this collection. It must be experienced to be believed! Purchase this product to use these drums in your recordings royalty free.

Discrete Drums Pro Sets are recordings of pro drummers in multitrack 24 Bit WAV and pre-mixed 16 Bit 44.1 stereo formats for use with most DAWs that import WAV files (not RiffWorks).

Heavy Mental 2 Pro Set Includes:

  • Drum Loop Formats:
    • Multitrack WAV Files with Pro Tools Sessions*
    • Stereo 16 Bit - REX and WAV**
    • One Shot Samples
    • Audio Previews for Easy Auditioning
  • 13.5 GB of Content
  • 21 Sessions at a Variety of Tempos
  • Styles: Metal, Hard Rock and Alternative
  • Sessions Divided into Parts Including Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Intros, Outros, Fills, Solos, Breaks, and More.

*Multitrack 24 Bit WAV drum recordings offer the most flexible mixing possibilities, as all tracks are delivered separately. Eight tracks of drums to mix, process and tune the way you want to fit your track. Mix, process, tune, distort, and mangle these drum and percussion tracks to suit your needs. For use in Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase, Nuendo, Cakewalk, Sonar, and other digital audio sequencers that import WAV files (not RiffWorks). These drum libraries were recorded using renowned drummers, engineers, producers & recording studios.

**Pre-mixed 16 Bit 44.1 stereo drum loops. Build the drum track you want from these amazing performances. More than typical drum loops, which are usually 2 bars long, you get song segments ranging from 2 beat intros, to 16 bar verses, choruses, bridges, and more! Compatible with any program that opens 16 bit WAV files: Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase, Sonar, Logic, Reason, Recycle, Live, Acid and more (not RiffWorks).


  1. Discrete Drums Heavy Mental 2 Preview
  2. Discrete Drums Rock Series One - "6 Cylinder"
  3. Discrete Drums Rock Series One - "Air Wrench"
  4. Discrete Drums Rock Series One - "Crankcase"
  5. Discrete Drums Rock Series One - "High Gear"
  6. Discrete Drums Rock Series One - "RoosterTail"
  7. Discrete Drums Rock Series One - "Vortex"

Recorded at the Legendary Sound Kitchen "Big Boy Studio"
The Sound Kitchen is the Southeast's most prestigious recording facility. Many of the biggest names spanning all music genres have recorded here (3 Doors Down, Amy Grant, Alabama, Brooks & Dunn, Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Guy, Chicago, Dixie Chicks, Jimmy Buffett, Keith Urban, and many more. The remarkable Big Boy Studio includes 3,000 square feet of tracking space, six isolation booths, and a Yamaha C-7 grand piano. Big Boy is a beautiful and spacious studio, measuring 45 feet by 74 feet in length. Sound Kitchen's "Big Boy Studio" Web Site

Tony Morra, Drummer
Tony Morra started playing drums at age 3 in Queens. His professional career began at 16. He played every club in New York area (Bitter End and CBGB). Tony's MySpace says, "Played for many Artists in Nashville and worldwide. I'm producing new bands and artists: Ayeshia Woods, Aja, Amy Grant, Bruce Springsteen & Joe Grushecky (old friends - we redid "Code Of Silence"!) Paul Taylor (Winger), Rod Morgenstein (Winger/Dixie Dregs), Alex M (Laguna Beach), Avalon, Dean Samms, Kaci Brown, Britt Nicole, Rebecca ST. James, Kogure (Japanese Heavy Metal Singer), Movie-"Chronicles of Narnia" Movie- "Just Married", Dominick Chianese (Uncle Junior on the "Sopranos), Jennifer Paige, Cherie Adams (Formerly of "Avalon"), Van Zant and more." Tony Morra interview in EQs Making of Heavy Mental & More About Tony Morra

About Tony's Drums Used to Record Heavy Mental
From an EQ Magazine interview with Tony about this product.
EM: What drums - snares and cymbals in particular - were used and why?
TM: I used my main Drum Workshop [DW] kit that I use here in town for sessions. Steve [Marcantonio] and I have worked quite often together and he loves the way they sound. (Although, Steve can make a tin can sound amazing.) These drums are special for me. This is the first kit I got from DW as an endorser. So there's sentimental value, but damn, these things sound awesome! They're very versatile. We didn't retune the toms at all. If I needed the fills to be big and fat, I'd use my larger toms in the setup. I have four toms, 8"x10", 9"x12", 11"x14", and 13"x16". I used a 16"x 24" kick from the kit I have in my home studio (the Downtown Batterie). It's very big and punchy. As for snares, well, I'm a snare junkie. I think I have 38 right now. [laughs] So, we had a lot to choose from. I did use a lot of metal drums, you know, brass shells. Plus an incredible Ochiltree snare I have. On a few tracks I used DW's Edge snare. Let's see, what else? My grandfather's Slingerland from 1929, and an old '40s Radio King that belonged to my dad. For cymbals I used Paiste 2002's Dimensions. They're bright and cutting, with this incredible "sheen." I went with these thinking that we needed something to blast through a lot of guitar. I know Steve is very particular with overheads, and I knew if I went with the Paistes, he wouldn't have to brighten up the overheads to get the cymbals to speak, which could really alter the overall kit sound. I wanted to give Steve a clean, bright, yet punchy sound. But I did change up the ride cymbal, come to think of it. We went with an old washy ride on some of the tracks - an old '60s 22" A Zildjian. I might have also used a 22" Sabian from the '80s. It's all bell and weighs as much as me! It's heavy and has no wash at all. For hi-hats I kept things pretty much the same: Paiste 15" "heavy hats."
STEVE MARCANTONIO: We changed up snares a lot and sometimes cymbals. Tony was always on top of the tuning, which is essential if you want your drums to sound good.

Steve Marcantonio, Engineer
Steve Marcantonio Mix Interview: "Steve Marcantonio is a master at engineering. His work encompasses classic Nashville as well as the edgier side of the genre, including projects for Rodney Crowell, Deana Carter, Billy Falcon, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, George Strait, Alabama, the Warren Brothers and Vince Gill, among others."

Rick DiFonzo, Producer, Engineer, Discrete Drums Co-founder
"I come from a rock background, having played guitar on and/or toured with Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, Belinda Carlisle, Joan Osborn, Cyndi Lauper and others. Discrete Drums grew from my need for rocking drums that I could mix myself. I planned a drum library with a multitrack format, as no one else had done it. I knew lots of great drummers from my days as a session and touring guitarist, and brought them into the studio. Now you can customize the sound of the drum kits recorded by great drummers, and add them to your tracks just the way you want."

Disc One: (Listen to previews below.)

  • 6 Cylinders (100 BPM) Slow brooding beats with flourishes of double kick drum
  • Air Wrench (134 BPM) Chugging, simple, mid-tempo beats
  • Burn Out (184 BPM) Snappy, up tempo drums with thunderous tom segments
  • Cockpit (110 BPM) 16th note hi-hat, tons of hi-hat variety, and splashy toms
  • Combustion (90 BPM) Fast and aggressive with a judicious amount of crash
  • Crankcase (100 BPM) Relentless up tempo rhythms with lots of snare and kick

Disc Two:

  • Drivetrain (100 BPM) Lots of snare and open hi-hat
  • Full Throttle (148 BPM) Simple kick, snare & hi-hat beats ascend into double bass drum
  • Gemini (152 BPM) A slow heavy groove that can fit into multiple genres
  • Hammer Down (90 BPM) Hard and heavy down tempo beat with ghost notes on the snare
  • High Gear (146 BPM) Straight ahead rock grooves with thundering tom fills
  • Horse Power (125 BPM) Fancy footwork on the kick drum with a splashy ride and hat
  • Jacked Up (123 BPM) Heavy snare work combined with switches to half tempo

Disc Three:

  • Launch (180 BPM) Tricky snare and kick patterns on this funky rock collection
  • Let go (180 BPM) Tight and poppy kit with sixteenth note triplets on the kicks and hats
  • Push (104 BPM) Straight ahead mid tempo rock grooves
  • Rooster Tail (105 BPM) Pushy 16th note hats and lots of flams on the rolls
  • Shakedown (100 BPM) Funky rock grooves with bouncy tom hits, double kick transitions
  • Shootout (100 BPM) Collection of rhythms that employ toms and open hi-hat
  • Slow Drag (90 BPM) Slow powerful beats provide a tight foundation to your track
  • Vortex (143 BPM) 8th and 16th note hats, kick & snare combined with toms and crashes

Disc Four:

  • One Shot Samples

"Heavy Mental 2 Pro Set" is distributed on DVDs, and as of May 2010, is a re-release of the "Heavy Mental 2 Pro Set" that was previously available, and may have contained different formats at the time of purchase. Also available from Amazon and select dealers worldwide.

If you just want stereo files (no multitracks) of this content, check out the Heavy Mental 2 Stereo Set ($99).

Also available, Heavy Mental 1 Pro Set.

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RiffWorks recording software users: While RiffWorks does not import WAV files such as these, check out the RiffWorks InstantDrummer Sessions that are derived from the Discrete Drums Drum Recording Library as well as from other Manufacturers.

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