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DrumCore 4 Prime Link Upgrade (from DC3/DC3 Deluxe)


DrumCore 4 Prime Link Upgrade (from DC3/DC3 Deluxe)
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DrumCore 4 is an AAX/VST3/AU plug-in instrument with royalty-free 24-bit audio loops, MIDI loops, and multi velocity sampled drum kits.

This DC4 upgrade is for registered users of DC3 or DC3 Deluxe. Requires a DC3 serial number, but the previous product does not have to be installed to install DC4.

New DrumCore 4 Features
• Improved interface
• 64-bit compatibility
• Updated plug-in formats AAX/VST3/AU
• Mixer view with insert effects
• Song timeline for assembling loops
• Online store for easily finding and purchasing content directly in the plugin
• Much more!

DrumCore 4 Editions
You get the same plug-in no matter which edition you choose. Editions allow you to choose the amount of content, and whether you get it as a download, on a USB Flash Drive, or on a Solid State Drive. Buying a download allows you to download the content without paying for shipping or waiting for a drive to be shipped. Additional content for each edition is available in DC4's store.

Shipping & Availability
DC4 is available for new and upgrade customers.

Refund Policy
Unless you received a special offer regarding refunds, software and add-on drum content cannot be refunded and is non-transferrable. Email support for advice about compatibility or any questions. Sonoma Return Policy


Downloadable files available after purchase:

DC4 Prime Serial Number

DC4 Prime Install Windows

DC4 Prime Install MacOS

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