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DrumCore 4 Ultra Plus (SSD)


DrumCore 4 Ultra Plus (SSD)
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DrumCore 4 Ultra Plus is an AAX/VST3/AU plug-in instrument with over 90 GB of 24-bit audio loops, MIDI loops, multi-velocity sampled drum kits, groove browser, song timeline, mixer, effects and more. This product is a limited time special order with pricing subject to change.

Play and record with 25 world renowned drummers royalty free.
Search through drum loops by genre, tempo and more.
Easily switch between audio and MIDI loops with multi-velocity sampled drum kits.

DrumCore 4 Ultra Plus includes everything in DrumCore 4 Prime ($229 value), but it is available on a 120 GB USB3 SSD drive (over $100 value) with 10 DrummerPacks worth of Ultra content (over $700 value) plus everything else available in the DrumCore 4 online store as of 4/4/18, which is about 900 GrooveSets and Drum Kits (over $2000 value).

With DrumCore 4 Ultra Plus you get well over $3000 worth of software and content on a solid state drive for only $2699.

Additional content that may become available after 4/4/18 will not be included in Ultra Plus, but will be available to puchase and download from the DrumCore 4 online store.

Includes this DC4 Ultra Content:

  • Alan White (Yes and John Lennon) - Great grooves from prog to pop. He played with Lennon on his successful "Imagine" album, with George Harrison on "All Things Must Pass," and has been the driving heartbeat of Yes since 1972.
  • Matt Cameron (Soundgarden and Pearl Jam) - Seattle drumming legend provides intense alt-rock plus surprises.
  • Lonnie Wilson (Brooks and Dunn, Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw) - Country music "Drummer of the Year" and first-call Nashville cat.
  • Luis Conte (Madonna and Clapton) - This latin and pop percussionist's long and varied career has included numerous Hollywood film scores and mega-successful albums with Madonna, Ray Charles, Phil Collins, Santana, Shakira, Jackson Browne, Sergio Mendes, Cachao and a multitude of other artists. (Only the content from what was previously called LuisPack I is included in Ultra. To get LuisPack II content, you may purchase it separately or get Ultra Plus, which includes LuisPack I and II.
  • John Tempesta (The Cult, Testament, Exodus, White Zombie, Helmet) - Face-melting metal beats, featuring double-kicking, faster-than-thou finesse.
  • Matt Sorum (Guns 'N Roses and Velvet Revolver) - Thunderous rock beats. Played with the Cult and Guns N' Roses, who chalked-up $30 million in record sales and two Grammy and MTV award nominations with Matt at the drums. These days Matt is the slammin' beat behind the hard rock supergroup "Velvet Revolver."
  • Sly Dunbar - Bob Marley's - stick mon and 1/2 of the legendary reggae "riddum twins."
  • Terry Bozzio (Zappa, UK and Missing Persons) - 80's prog, pop and more. He can take things from four-on-the-floor pop to smoking double-kick grooves. He will fly into blinding double-stroke fills only to chill with a delicate, melodic part that's perfect for film soundtracks. This content is a hybrid of punk enthusiasm and incredible chops that showcases custom-made China cymbals and custom-made melodic toms.
  • Zoro (Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, Sean Lennon) - From the classic '60s-'70s rock he played with Lenny Kravitz, to the old-school, R&B-meets-hip-hop beats from the Bobby Brown days, Zoro has always delivered the groove with maximum soul.

DC4 Ultra Plus Adds:

  • Bill Bruford (Yes, UK and Genesis) - Specializing in odd time signatures and a distinct high pitched snare, big roto toms and pioneering the use of percussion electronics.
  • Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin and Wood, Iggy Pop, Maceo Parker) - Well known and highly respected for his innovative rhythms, creative approach, and manic improvisational skills over a wide range of styles, Billy continues to push the art of drumming and rhythm to a higher level.
  • Billy Martin Retro Drums - 10 GrooveSets performed by Billy Martin in the style of legendary Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell.
  • Drums On Demand: Blues & Boogie - Blues, boogie and rock loops, fills and drumkits. Especially suited for guitar-based projects, Blues ?N? Boogie (based on the previously released Drums-On-Demand Vol. 9 title) offers a wide variety of classic blues, rock shuffles and rock blues drum loops appropriate for pop, rock and country projects.
  • Drums On Demand: Jazz & Latin - From traditional jazz to crossover pop and swing, this Jazz & Latin DrummerPack offers 1400 loops and Loop Layers in 31 GrooveSets covering everything from smoke-filled jazz clubs to Big Band dance floors - with a touch of soul and R&B too! There's everything from waltzes and two-beats to the Latin bossa novas, rhumbas and samba's that form the core of many traditional jazz compositions. Plus you get snare, brush and stick-based performances. This collection is great for everyone from traditional jazz artists working on their solo chops, to songwriters doing smooth crossover jazz/pop/folk, to composers for period film & TV work. There's also grooves appropriate for some old-school soul and R&B.
  • Drums On Demand: Solid Rock - From smoldering slow grooves to full-throttle up-tempos, Solid Rock provides a colorful palette of contemporary and classic grooves with matching loops that are infinitely adaptable to your project. This powerful collection is ideal for rock, alternative, rowdy pop and even rougher country. Consistent sound across the entire volume makes mixing and matching between GrooveSet easier than ever. Also you get an assortment of longer loops for increased realism.
  • Drums On Demand: Upbeat & Aggressive - Rock, metal, alternative and pop loops, fills and drum kits. Heavy beats to rock your world.
  • Drums On Demand: Warm & Natural - This earthy and "wooden" library is perfect for everything from modern folk, to acoustic blues, to alt country. It all starts with the 1962 Slingerland wood snare (8" x 15") that provides a deeper and "more round" sound. This, combined with a lighter and smoother playing style, allows seamless integration into the overall acoustic environment.
  • LuisPack II: Luis Conte (Madonna and Clapton) - More latin and pop from Luis Conte.
  • MPC Lockbox - Akai MPC-style drum loops and rhythms and over 200 one-shot sounds available both as single hits and as drum kits in DrumCore's MIDI instrument. Great for DJs, producers and hip-hop fans.
  • Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction, Porno for Pyros, Nine Inch Nails) - As a songwriter himself, Perkins' fluid technique always serves the song with studied dynamics and sonic textures. You hear bongos, maracas and other percussion woven in with powerful drumkit sounds and fueled by a punk enthusiasm to create a colorful groove tapestry that is purely Stephen?s own.
  • pureDrums I: Fabrice Dupont and Graham Hawthorne - Includes "The Basics" and "The Rock" for pop and rock songwriters.
  • pureDrums II: Fabrice Dupont and Graham Hawthorne - Includes "The Bounce" (funk and disco) and "Vintage Classics" old school grooves for pop, rock, folk.
  • Sk8PuNKbeAtz: Chuck Treece (Bad Brains, Scott Storch, Urge Overkill) - These beats are not vanilla, pigeon-holed, studio "pristine" and po-lite grooves. They have as much soul, grit, love and daring as you'd expect from Philly? and as you'd expect from Chuck. Aaron Fishbein (Scott Storch, Beyonce) helped ignite the vibe with these sessions.
  • Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett (Jacksons, Madonna) - Coming the birthplace of funk, New Orleans, Jonathan Moffett has kept the world dancing with solid grooves. At age 12, he got the nickname "Sugarfoot" because of his fast, and articulate bass drum work, playing 16th and even 32nd note figures within his funky, relentless grooves. Sugarfoot has a way with a beat that attracts attention. His extensive work with the Jacksons (including solo work with Michael and Janet) kept arenas of fans bopping and disco dance floors hopping.

More about these drummers who offer content for DrumCore 4.

DrumCore 4 Ultra Plus is delivered on a USB3 SSD drive that is fast, reliable, portable, has no moving parts and is totally silent. Compatible with USB2 and USB3 ports on Mac and Windows. The DrumCore 4 software (quite small) will need to be installed on your computer, but the DrumCore 4 Ultra content (90 gigs) can remain on the external drive or be copied to your computer, whichever you prefer. DrumCore content on an external drive makes installation a breeze, saves room on your computer, makes it easy to use DrumCore in multiple studios, and means a lot less time downloading and installing time. Sonoma plans to release more DrumCore content in the future that will be offered in DrumCore 4's integrated online store.

Price Difference Between Products
Items = GrooveSets and Drum Kits

Ultra Plus ($2699) vs. Prime ($249)
Ultra Plus includes 900 items
Prime includes 263 items
Buying Ultra Plus instead of Prime gets you 637 more items than Prime
(900-263=637) ($4.99 each if purchased a la carte)
637 x $4.99 = $3178 more content than Prime content plus a $150 SSD
$3328 total value when you buy Ultra Plus for only $2450 more than Prime.
Save $878.

Ultra Plus ($2699) vs. Ultra ($639)
Ultra Plus includes 900 items
Ultra includes 420 items
Buying Ultra Plus instead of Ultra gets you 480 more items than Ultra
(900-420=480) ($4.99 each if purchased a la carte)
480 x $4.99 = $2395 more content than Ultra
2395 total value when you buy Ultra Plus for only $2060 more than Ultra.
Save $335.

New DrumCore 4 Features
• Improved interface
• 64-bit compatibility
• Updated plug-in formats AAX/VST3/AU
• Mixer view with insert effects
• Song timeline for assembling loops
• Integrated store for easily finding and purchasing content directly in the plugin
• Much more!

DrumCore 4 Editions
You get the same plug-in no matter which edition you choose. Editions allow you to choose the amount of content, and whether you get it as a download, on a USB Flash Drive, or on a Solid State Drive. Buying an edition on a drive provides instant access to the content with less downloading, and makes it easy to use it in different studios. Buying a download allows you to download the content without paying for shipping or waiting for a drive to be shipped. Additional content for each edition is available in DC4's store.

  • DC4 Lite ($49): Download 4 GB of content, including 24 GrooveSets (1,400 audio loops and 800 MIDI loops) by 13 drummers, and 11 multi-velocity sampled kits.
  • DC4 Prime Link ($249): Download 20 GB of content, including 160 GrooveSets (10,000 audio loops and 2,000 MIDI loops) by 17 drummers, and 100 multi-velocity sampled kits.
  • DC4 Prime Flash ($249): Same as Link, but on a Flash Drive.
  • Temporarily Unavailable: DrumCore 4 Ultra (SSD) ($639): 50 GB of content, including 265 GrooveSets (22,000 audio loops and 3,000 MIDI loops) by 18 drummers, and 139 multi-velocity sampled kits. Delivered on a USB3 SSD hard drive.
  • DC4 Ultra (Download) ($639): Same content as included in Ultra on a SSD, but no drive is included, which means no shipping cost or wait time for shipping.
  • DC4 Ultra Plus (Download) ($2699): 90 GB of content, including all the drum content available in the DC4 store as of 4/4/18, which is 900 items (GrooveSets and Kits).

DC4 System Requirements and DAW Compatibility

Shipping & Availability
DC4 is available for new and upgrade customers.

  • U.S.: Buy any DC4 edition from this store or select dealers.
  • Non-U.S.: Buy a downloadable DC4 edition from this store or select dealers. While this store supports only U.S. shipping addresses, we can ship almost anywhere. If you want a shippable product, email the product name and your mailing address to We will reply with an invoice (including tax and shipping rates) that you may pay with a credit card or Paypal. Shippable products are also available from select dealers .

Return Policy
Software and add-on drum content cannot be returned or refunded and is non-transferrable. Please email if you need advice about compatibility, or if you have any other questions. Sonoma Return Policy


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