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Dual Mic Breakout Cable (TRS to 2XLF Y Cable - 4 ft.)


Dual Mic Breakout Cable (TRS to 2XLF Y Cable - 4 ft.)
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Have a GuitarJack Stage or StudioJack Mini, and want to plug in two mics at the same time? Now you can! This custom, 4 foot cable features a 1/4-inch stereo (TRS) plug on one end, for connecting to the mic input of your GuitarJack Stage or StudioJack Mini, and two mono female XLR plugs on the other end (with 6 inch fanout), so you can easily mic two sources at the same time! Ideal for when you want to get a stereo recording, or record an amp and vocals, or even capture two vocals at once! The possibilities are endless!

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