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DrumCore 4 Prime Link [005-000428]
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DrumCore 4 Prime Link


DrumCore 4 Encore: A fellow producer/guitar player put me on to DrumCore way back when dinosaurs roa..

by Gaby Bush. Date Added: Monday 25 May, 2020


I have been using DrumCore 4 Ultra with Cubase 10 for approximately 3 months. It is clear that a lot..

by Paul K.. Date Added: Monday 14 January, 2019


Have recently upgraded to DrumCore 4 - Sonoma being extremely helpful in helping me do this as I'd l..

by MICHAEL B.. Date Added: Sunday 30 December, 2018


Drumcore is the first drum software that is both easy to get exactly what I want in terms of grooves..

by Cliff Stendel. Date Added: Friday 21 December, 2018


I am a guitar player who had no intentions of getting into drum programming business. After several ..

by Serdar G. Date Added: Saturday 27 January, 2018


I'm coming to DrumCore 4 having been a regular user of several drum sample packages, including DrumC..

by Allister Bradley. Date Added: Friday 12 January, 2018

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