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RiffWorks Standard Download

I haven't worked with a simpler, more fun, exciting way to lay down song ideas. Ever. Period. I have friends who come over and play around with it - they think it's just THAT cool!

And more to the point, it is so easy to use. There is no need to spend hours running through manuals and trying to work out what this button or that button or this setting or that setting or.... RARGH! .... But then - after saying all that - it even SOUNDS good too! The drums were incredible the first time I ever used them. That was mind blowing in itself. I mean - fake drums - SOUNDING GOOD?

Anyway, I could rave about this program all night. It's a wonderfully easy way to get your song ideas down. You can even write entire songs in it if you want to. If you want to have full recording control, well, this isn't what you're looking for. Riffworks helps you get the ideas down easily, quickly and sounding good. Then when you wind up with a winning song, well, that's when you need to go back to the harder manual requiring programs...if you need more control over what's happening, that is :)

by Adrian Williams Date Added: 09/10/2009

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