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RiffWorks Standard Download
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RiffWorks Standard Download

I have been playing music for almost 30 years now and RiffWorks has inspired me to write more songs in the past 18 months than I have written in the past 18 years. Its user friendly interface and incredibly intuitive workflow allow me to lay down idea after idea without wrestling with complicated software. The addition of VST support adds to other powerful tools like the Sonoma 7 studio quality effects, Rex Player and Rewire capabilities. This latest version sports a new "Song Layer" feature which lets you lay down solo guitar tracks, vocals, keyboards, etc. on top of your backing tracks with ease. This is like a marriage of looped based recording with real time audio recording. When you incorporate a program like Propellerhead's "Reason 3.0" with RiffWorks via the Rewire device feature the musical possibilities are endless. "More picking, less clicking" is the name of the game. Do yourself a favor and buy RiffWorks Standard today....but be prepared to lose a lot of sleep.

by Bob Sweigart Date Added: 08/10/2006

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