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RiffWorks Standard Download

Riffworks is amazing software. The easy-to-use interface is second to none when it comes to operation. ANYONE can use riffworks. "Learning curve"? I don't think this software has one, because I literally laid my first tracks down in a matter of minutes. Two or three minutes is really all you need to learn how to start using riffworks to record. And oh, when you start to record! Ease of use does NOT mean lack of quality. The recordings you'll make with riffworks sound like they've been recorded by a veteran engineer on high quality studio equipment.

Riffworks is designed for speed. It's a tool for creating a "highly polished draft" of a song. A studio quality demo so to speak. You won't find lots of composition tools in riffworks. Just the basics for creating the structure of the song. But Riffworks DOES support both Rex2 files, and rewire capability. So it's very easy to use sequencing software like Reason to go much deeper in the creation of your "riffs", and still use riffworks for adding the human elements to the recordings. You get the complete flexibility of the sequencer, with the ease of use of riffworks.

I would recommend riffworks to anyone looking to quickly create high-quality demos of the songs they hear in their head. If you're looking for more flexibility, buy Reason from propellerhead, the two together make worthy opponents for even the most sophisticated and expensive recording packages currently on the market.

by beauzeau beauzeau Date Added: 08/13/2006

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