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DrumCore 3 DVDs
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DrumCore 3 DVDs

As a guitarist and a songwriter I'd been looking for a drum tool that wouldn't get in the way of creating music. I found that with my collection of MIDI drum loops it was too technical to let my creative side explore the music. What I really like about Drumcore 3 is that it allows you to build drum tracks quickly and still sound great. I use ProTools 7.1 on an older Dell desktop and simply drag and drop the drum sections into a stereo track. I really like the way drum loops are grouped into main, variations, fills, etc. as this also speeds the capture of the initial track - for me it's about getting a workable track ASAP so that I can get the whole song roughed out. I guess the one feature that I think is the absolute coolest is the way you can shift the tempo of the audio loops and they still sound great as long as you stay within the recommended tempo ranges (which are surprisingly broad). I can't say enough about DrumCore3 and I've recommended it to all of my non-drummer friends. I was a little concerned about the price before purchasing but now that I've had about 5 months to work with it I think that it's well worth every penny. I plan to add a few drummer paks shortly.

by Robert Iodice Date Added: 07/04/2011

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