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DrumCore 4 Lite
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DrumCore 4 Lite

Hello, musicians from all over the world. I got the DrumCore Lite because I am a guitarist addicted to Guns and Roses and to the touch of Matt Sorum. As I was exploring the program I discovered new drummers and experimented with different drum sets. Personally I really like the AW Brownesque kit and the Matt Sorum Kit. I also discovered great drummers such as Zoro, Urban Gt, Terence Higgins and many others. With the Wave loops I can record my ideas and enjoy a real drum sound fast, comfortable and without any worry in creating a rhythm that sounds like a real drummer. For only $ 49 I can enjoy all this and more, and later I can upgrade and get even more content. For me, it was a good investment ... Rock greetings ...

by Emanuel Sousa Date Added: 01/27/2018

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