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DrumCore 4 Lite
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DrumCore 4 Lite

A few years ago I used kitcore deluxe, but over the last years I used all the Native Instruments Drums (esp. Abbey Roads). But I always liked the easy approach of kitcore, so when I got a good deal I bought Drumcore 4 (DC4) light. Then I read, that they would restore all my kitcore-sounds in DC4. That was awesome, esp. the fast and friendly support. I use a lot of other music software, but that was the fastest and friendliest support-experience I ever had.

Drumcore light is easy to use. I like the different styles and the often very authentic grooves. A problem with DC4 lite is, that you never know, how many grooves you get in a specific folder. Because it is just the light verion, sometimes you have a lot of grooves, sometimes more Midi, sometimes more Audio and sometimes almost nothing. But you have the search functions and this is what I use most of the time to find a fitting beat.

In my productions so far I only used the Midi-Grooves of DC4 and recorded the audio-sounds of my Abbey Road-Drums. To me the Abbey Road-Drums sound more full and complex. But you can buy soundpacks inside DC4 and those soundpacks are often better sounding (and recorded with higher resolutions).

You can build a whole Song inside DC4, but I find it much easier to drag and drop the midi ore wave files into my DAW and work there. The same with manipulating sound. You could compress, eq etc. inside DC4, but for me it is more precise to do it in my DAW. You can route each drum instrument (Kick, Snare etc.) to a different output and process your sound there.

Overall it is a good investment, especially if you consider, that you can buy additional sounds and grooves for a good price.

by Norbert B. Date Added: 01/01/2019

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