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I'm coming to DrumCore 4 having been a regular user of several drum sample packages, including DrumCore 3, for many years. And I really like what I see, and hear, in this new version of DrumCore.

I use several drum packages for a few reasons. Sometimes, I need microscopic control of all parameters of my drum sounds. Other times, I need a quick and easy way to find and work with grooves. And still there are other times when I enjoy the specific creative inspiration that comes from one of these tools over another.

I'm a picky guy in the studio. If each drum, and each groove, has something about it that distracts me from the song, I need to be able to make that distraction go away. Whether that's by crafting the sound of the kit, or seeking an alternate sample or groove, if the tool doesn't let me get where I need to be, I'm stuck.

Enter DrumCore 4 (in my case, I'm using DrumCore 4 Prime). Having found some very useful samples in DrumCore 3 on past projects, I'm thrilled to see how much has been opened up for me in this new version.

User Interface - it's great. I can quickly get around and find what I need. Sure, I needed to skim the user manual to find some features that I didn't discover on my own, but here's another plus - the user manual is a good one.

Content - tons of kits. Tons of grooves. AND my DrumCore 3 content is there, too. I can incorporate samples from other sources to build my own kits. And it sounds really good.

Kit Control - change your kits. Load your own samples if you like. Layer multiple samples into each instrument, with fine control (pitch, gain, envelope) over EACH LAYER! Submix the instruments and send them back to your DAW across seven stereo submixes (it's possible I'll find the day when seven isn't enough submixes, in which case I could get creative and use two instances of DrumCore, I suppose). FX within the DrumCore mixer. I'm not listing it all, but suffice to say, I can get microscopic on these samples and I can get it done quickly.

Submix and Master FX - it's nice to have the Compressor, EQ, Delay, and Crusher handy, and I'm glad that these tools were designed with a modicum of restraint. Some folks will prefer to use a favourite plug-in in their DAW. And my first thoughts on the controls here are really just personal preference. In the multi-band Master FX compressor, I thought "Why can't I see the crossover frequencies? Why can't I see how much gain reduction is being applied?" And other similar questions, which can all be answered by saying that this is a choice of controls, just like with any other plug-in. Sometimes it's better to let our ears decide if we have the controls right, rather than seeing every parameter listed before our eyes. For me, I think it's actually refreshing to see a different set of controls than I'm used to seeing on another plug-in. I can get the sound I want with these tools, and if I prefer the controls of another plug-in, I can apply that other plug-in to the channel in my DAW.

Groove Selection - THIS IS MY FAVOURITE SECTION OF DrumCore 4. So often, I'm searching for a groove to match a song already in progress. The search filters here are really smart, offering me filtered content without having to know much at all about each contributing drummer. Allowing me to search the groove sets that I own, alongside ones that I don't yet own, is brilliant. Even MORE brilliant, is the option to buy what I need in a low-priced add-on instead of paying big money for an add-on pack that has much more than I need right now. I'm much happier with the idea of paying $5 for a small set of grooves that match my needs today, than with the idea of purchasing a $50 or $100 larger set of grooves that I may never use again after today. Pricing like this, will keep me happily using (and paying for) DrumCore more often than my other sample players.

Bottom line, I'm really quite confident that I'll have an easier time finding grooves to match my projects, and find grooves to inspire new projects, now that I have DrumCore 4 in my toolkit.

by Allister Bradley Date Added: 01/12/2018

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