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DrumCore 4 Prime Link
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DrumCore 4 Prime Link

Drumcore is the first drum software that is both easy to get exactly what I want in terms of grooves as well drum sound. It's very easy to audition sounds, drag audio or midi files in the Pro Tools track, change tempo. easily add fills and endings. As the song develops, using Drumcore is easy to add verses and choruses on the fly. I never feel constrained by the program. The quality of the beats and dynamics of the drum hits really make it easy to mix the drums.
Not only is the software great, but the customer service is second to none. I requested help on an iLok activation on a Friday night and had a reply Saturday morning! They corrected my mistake, provided a second activation and all was good to go. And they thanked ME!!! Knowing the team at Sonoma are behind their product gives me the security knowing they will be around when i ever need them.

Great work Sonoma!!

by Cliff Stendel Date Added: 12/21/2018

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