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DrumCore 4 Ultra Download
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DrumCore 4 Ultra Download

DrumCore 4 has become my "go to" when I need to quickly create a composition and don't have time to lay down my own drum tracks. As a drummer who also plays guitar, bass and keys, I've always found it tough to find drum loops that could accurately convey the creative direction that was in my head and would often just spend the insane amount of extra time to track the drums myself, but with such a roster of monster players like Matt Sorum, Alan White, John Tempesta, Terry Bozzio, etc. DC4 not only allows me to jump right into my composition, but it actually gives me new creative ideas based on the styles and diversity of these masters that has helped to improve and expand my music writing. Beyond that, DC4 is extremely intuitive and easy to use right out of the box. It's as simple as drag and drop, and it even locks to the tempo in Pro Tools and identifies any loops with incompatible tempos in red so you don't waste time auditioning them. Additionally, it easily allows you to audition and purchase other DrumCore loops that you might not have in your library directly from within the software so you can immediately download what you need and quickly get back to work on your piece with the right percussive feel. It is far and away the best drum loop plug-in I've used to date. The only suggestion I have would be to add a way to rank the loops (like a 5 star system similar to Amazon), so that it would be easier to locate my favorite loops to re-use. Regardless, that's not anywhere close to a deal breaker given all of the other positives. The overall quality of the loops is outstanding as is the ease of execution in quickly building drum tracks that sound great!

by David K. Date Added: 06/29/2018

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