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Brand Nu-Metal 24bit
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Brand Nu-Metal 24bit

You like Metal? I mean hard core in your face metal? This is the one. Also, if you combine this with "Drummerheads: Awesomemetal-1 or Awesomemetal-11", "Mattsorum: Metalhead-1" and then grab "Drumsondeman: Heavycore", you have Heavy Metal covered from today's Metalcore, Death Metal, Thrash and Screamo covered from top to bottom. When you have all three of those, you've got ALL of your Metal needs covered and will be inspired to write a hard core Metal Symphony of epic proportions. In a couple days I'll post a song using all four to show how amazingly versatile they are. The fills alone make MattSourum: Metalhead-1 worth every penny. This combo will keep any Heavy Metal Fan busy and inspired for every

by sean fitzpatrick Date Added: 12/10/2010

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