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Nick Perri

Nick Perri

| Interview by Daniel Codella conducted on June 11, 2012.

Most people have several passions, and a handful of us will be able to pursue one of them. Nick Perri on the otherhand has decided to merge all of his passions into one: PERRI INK. Cartel. So who is Nick Perri? Nick Perri is an American rock guitarist who has played for Shinedown, Silvertide, Perry Farell, and Matt Sorum. Additionally, Nick releases his own music as Sinai and produces other artists. In addition to music, Nick is passionate about motorcyles, fashion, tattoos, and anything Americana. With the help of his wife Misi, Nick has created PERRI INK. Cartel, a one of a kind establishment on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, CA thatis a motorcyle workshop, clothing store, tattoo and piercing parlor, barbershop, and custom guitar seller. To sum it up in Nick's words, "It is the only one stop Rock N' Roll shop!" We had a chance to talk to Nick and learn about his latest endeavors and how DrumCore is forming the basis for his new music material.

How did you get into doing music professionally?

When I was 12 I started playing guitar and was instantly hooked. It changed my world. I started gigging at 15 and signed my 1st record deal at age 16. Dropped out of high school and joined the circus! Been a whirlwind ever since, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Which bands or guitarists especially influenced you?

Angus Young, Jimmy Page, Band of Gypsies era Hendrix, Johnny Winter and the man... David Gilmore.

You've played with a ton of great bands and have done songwriting/production work for tons more. Do you have any piece of work that you are particularly proud of?

Great question. Probably my 1st record with my 1st band, Show & Tell - Silvertide. I spent years of my life creating, recording, and promoting it all over the world. It didn't make me a star or anything, but it has become legendary with a cult like following. I'm really proud of it. Looking back I was too young to really appreciate it. Been trying ever since to invent a time machine and go back!

Can you tell about the A Pinch of Chaos - Sinai album? Is anyone else involved in that project? What was recording like?

It was a blast to create. For the 1st time ever I had complete control. I wrote, produced, recorded, engineered, played, mixed, and put the album out. My best work ever. Recorded all live, I feel like it really captured a magic moment in all of our lives. It's insane how the music business has become. It kicks serious ass and it will never get the time of day because it's 2012 and it's a "rock n roll" record. Am I bitter? You bet!

How did you discover DrumCore? Do you use it for demos or final productions?

I discovered it through a friend of a friend in 2004, and to this day EVERY SINGLE DEMO OR SONG I WRITE uses its awesomeness. Typically I have a drummer play my final productions but its certainly not because it doesn't sound kick ass... cause it does. You have to include a drummer somewhere in the process, or they get even weirder.

Would you say DrumCore has helped your songwriting process?

Absolutely 100%. Ever since I started playing I have been writing to drums. With THIS, it's just silly easy.

In addition to music, you are involved with motorcyles, tatoos, and clothing. Tell us about your shop, PERRI INK. Cartel. How did all of these worlds merge?

That's a big question and long answer. The easiest way to describe it is: My whole life I've been into music, guitars, motorcycles, tattoos, cool clothing, and old school barber shops. (my mom and dad are BOTH in the hair business and I literally grew up in a barber shop). After I started building custom guitars in 2009, my wife and I were looking for a retail outlet, and the universe opened up and dumped this insane opportunity in our laps. We ran with it. To include all our friends and all our interests under one roof is an unbelievable experience, and I encourage all of you to check it out the next time you're in LA. It's the only "1 stop RN'R shop in the world!"

What are your current projects both musical and non musical?

Non-Musical: Running a custom guitar, custom motorcycle, tattoo, piercing, barber shop, clothing store. Ahhhhh! Musical: Writing with many many artists, and getting ready to launch my 6th band.. and maybe best one yet. Stay tuned...

Do you think you'll be using DrumCore on your next album project?

Oh hell yes.

Where can our users learn more about you and PERRI INK. Cartel?

My entire universe is wrapped up in these 3 sites. Dig in, and come along for the ride!

"I discovered it (DrumCore) through a friend of a friend in 2004, and to this day EVERY SINGLE DEMO OR SONG I WRITE uses its awesomeness. Typically I have a drummer play my final productions but its certainly not because it doesn't sound kick ass... cause it does."

Nick Perri

Check out Nick's band, Sinai's latest album "A Pinch of Chaos":

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