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From songwriting teenagers in their bedrooms to multi-million selling recording artists, people all over the globe are using Sonoma Wire Works' products like DrumCore, Discrete Drums, RiffWorks, FourTrack, StudioTrack and GuitarJack, to create their music. Each month we talk to musicians using our products in new and exciting ways. Check out the spotlights below:

m83 anthony gonzalez uses drumcore Daniel Bedingfield uses FourTrack
Chris Stein uses DrumCore Brad Gillis uses Discrete Drums
Andrew Oye uses DrumCore Gary Go uses FourTrack
Justin Lassen uses DrumCore and KitCore John Rabbit Bundrick of The Who uses DrumCore
Dave Kushner uses DrumCore and Discrete Drums David Schwartz uses DrumCore and Discrete Drums
Gary Corbett of Cinderella uses RiffWorks, DrumCore and FourTrack Michael Elsner uses RiffWorks and DrumCore
Shawn Clement uses DrumCore and Discrete Drums Sleeping At Last uses FourTrack
TPR Contributors use RiffWorks Carmen Rizzo uses DrumCore
Two Johns Music use DrumCore Glenn Rosenstein uses DrumCore Plugin and Drum Loops
Al Di Meola uses FourTrack iPhone App to Record Adam Merrin of The 88 uses FourTrack iOS app
Chris Corner uses DrumCore Danny Weinkauf uses DrumCore Plug-in and Drum Loops
DJ Kramer uses Discrete Drums Multitrack Drum Loops Johnny Juice uses RiffWorks recording software and DrumCore drum samples
The New Division use FourTrack iOS app and Discrete Drums Drum Samples Jack Tempchin uses FourTrack multitrack recorder for the iPhone
Owl City uses Discrete Drums Drum Samples Andy Gray uses DrumCore
Justin Meldal-Johnsen uses DrumCore Plug-in Frank Rogala uses DrumCore Plug-in
Ben Charles uses DrumCore Plug-in Gareth Jones uses DrumCore Plug-in
Alan WIlder uses Discrete Drums Nick Perri uses DrumCore
Ming and Ping use FourTrack Mike Score uses DrumCore

More artists added every month!

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Artists Using DrumCore (Mac & Win)
Artists Using FourTrack, StudioTrack and GuitarJack (iOS)
Artists Using Discrete Drums (Mac & Win)

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