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Ahava Audio
New DC4 Content
Moses Abrego

Ahava Audio, a new DrumCore content creator, is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Moses Abrego. Moses has worked under the name 1990 for the past decade. He produced content and remixes for the Grammy-nominated production duo ODESZA, award-winning international director Sibs Shongwe-La Mer, Mexico-based electronic record label Records, and countless artists at Sound Management Studios, which is the home base of the band Smash Mouth in San Jose, California. Ahava Audio creates cutting-edge and unique Electronic Sample Packs, Loops, and Sound Design Kits.

Ahava Audio's first DC4 GrooveSet was AA Top 40. Great for Pop, Riddim, Hip-Hop, TV & Film, Electronic or House hits, AA Top 40's punching kicks, snapping snares, and crisp hi-hats are packed into this convenient collection of breaks and fills. Contains 30 audio loops and fills (59 MB). Ahava Audio's second DC4 GrooveSet, Raw Percussion, includes natural and warm wooden percussion with natural raw percussive elements. You'll hear everything from Spoons to Cajon in this upbeat and danceable collection. Contains 32 audio loops and fills (88 MB). Previews of these and all DC4 GrooveSets are available in DC4 Lite ($49), DC4 Prime ($249), and DC4 Ultra ($639). More About Ahava Audio.

Tape Op
Review by:
Will Severin

Tape Op Reviews DrumCore 4 (April 2018)
Excerpts from Review: "The main attraction here and what differentiates DrumCore from many other drum plug-ins is the who’s who of famously talented drummers that you have ready at your fingertips. From Terry Bozzio to Bernard Purdie, and from Dennis Chambers to John Tempesta, DrumCore provides access to the actual performances and recordings on the personal kits of these legendary drummers. The recording quality of both the performances and the kits is great, and the five-page interface is efficient and eye-pleasingly designed [...] For me, the variety of drummer talent assembled and how Sonoma has lovingly captured their signature sounds and grooves is more than worth the price of admission. Two big thumbs up for DrumCore 4!"

Read the full-page review at (Subscribe for free).

Review by:
Rich Tozzoli

AskAudio Reviews DrumCore 4 (September 2017)
Excerpts from Review: "I use DrumCore because it's quick and easy to get tracks working and, most importantly, the sound, samples, and performances are top notch. One of the reasons it sounds so good is that the drummers recorded their tracks in world-class studios using their own kits at varying velocities and tempos. Simply put, the tracks just work! Afterward in DC 'production land', the MIDI loops were also created, allowing you access to either the audio or MIDI. With the MIDI tracks, I like that you can mix and match other drummers' kits with the chosen loop, for example, use Matt Sorum's drums with Alan White's MIDI loops." Review is in-depth and includes audio samples.

Read the full DrumCore 4 Review by AskAudio.

Sound On Sound Magazine
Review by:
Tom Flint

Beat Magazine Reviews DrumCore 4 (March 2017 Issue)
Excerpts from Review: "At long last, DrumCore is 64-bit compatible and includes a virtual mixer and palette of effects and processors. It offers good sample layering and custom kit-building tools and includes a huge library of audio and MIDI loops created by many of the world’s most famous and talented drummers, all stored on a 120GB USB SSD [...] For me and many others, the drummer libraries have always been the most attractive feature of DrumCore [...] Another nice feature of DrumCore is that it allows you to choose a set of MIDI patterns created by one drummer and have them played using the sampled kit of another. This means that, for example, a jazz kit could be used to play some heavy-metal MIDI sequences. If that doesn’t work out, there are plenty of other combinations to audition, and it only takes a menu click to do so [...] Having abandoned DrumCore to upgrade my PC from 32- to 64-bit, it’s wonderful to be able to use its drummer libraries again. [...] Everything looks fresh and modern. Features like the mixer and its effects; the sample layer ADSRs; the Timeline panel; and the 120GB USB drive, are all nice improvements, and it's comforting to know that Sonoma is committed to developing the product still further. While it has been in limbo, quite a number of new virtual drum instruments have appeared on the market, so competition is stiffer than ever, but most seem to focus on creating realistic virtual kits of particular eras and styles rather than providing the grooves of big-name drummers. This means that the loops and fills of DrumCore’s drummers are still a valuable commodity, and I for one, am very happy to be exploiting them again."

Read the full DrumCore 4 Review by Sound On Sound Online.

Beat Magazine
Review by:
Kai Chonishvili

Beat Magazine Reviews DrumCore 4 (February 2017 Issue)
Translated from German and paraphrased by Sonoma: "The target group of DrumCore 4 remains unchanged, addressing songwriters, producers, and composers who need a large drum library with many styles and uncomplicated, direct access. Accordingly, the operation, as with DrumCore 3, is kept very simple. The user selects a drummer, listens to the supplied GrooveSets, and simply drags the audio / MIDI loops into the DAW. From then on, nothing stands in the way of the editing and the song arrangement. If the sound is not convincing, the user can not only exchange individual parts such as kick drums, ride pans, etc. but also the entire drum kit. Mixing is then carried out on the mixing console, allowing for fine-tuning with effects...DrumCore 4 is a solid continuation of the drum program, including a gigantic (celebrity) library that sounds very good and is easy to use. Thanks to the high-quality sounds of the drum kits and loops, working with DrumCore 4 is a lot of fun."

Read the full DrumCore 4 Review by Beat Magazine in German(pdf).

Electronic Musician
Review by:
Mike Levine

Electronic Musician Magazine Reviews DrumCore 4 (January 2017 Issue)
"DrumCore 4 is a major improvement over earlier versions in terms of user control, especially regarding its MIDI features, and it also brings the software into the 64-bit era...DrumCore 4 Prime is one of the best virtual-drummer products on the market and I highly recommend it." DrumCore 4.1 was shown at NAMM '17 with multi-out support, and will be released soon.

Read the full review of DrumCore 4 on

Recording Magazine
Review by:
Gary Eskow

Recording Magazine Reviews DrumCore 4 (January 2017 Issue)
"Depth and breadth combine in this powerful rhythm creation software...DrumCore 4 offers a combination of audio loops, MIDI performances replicating the audio content, drum kits, and effects. It’s an approach that allows the user to interact with some of the finest drummers in the world."

Read the full DrumCore 4 Review by Recording Magazine (pdf).

Recording Magazine
Review by:
Alex Hawley

Recording Magazine Reviews GuitarJack Stage (July 2016 Issue)
"This great-sounding interface works on everything from Windows and Mac OS X to iOS and Android, all in a compact and guitar-friendly package...GuitarJack Stage has a straightforward design, consisting of two input-level pots with power and signal/clip LEDs on the top right, a series of four stompbox-style switches across the bottom, and five “chickenhead” knobs across the top. While they’re labeled as guitar amp controls—gain, volume, and 3-band EQ — all of the chickenhead knobs are user-assignable, and so are the footswitches. This flexibility makes the GuitarJack Stage useful with almost any guitar software application."

Read a longer excerpt in Sonoma's July Newsletter.

Recording Magazine
Review by:
Mike Metlay

Recording Magazine Reviews StudioJack Mini (April 2016 Issue)
"We’ve reviewed Sonoma’s portable GuitarJack interfaces more than once, and have always been very pleased with their sound quality and portability. Now we have the new StudioJack Mini to supersede them; like its predecessors, it is designed and built in the USA of primarily American-sourced components, and while it’s still tiny and far lighter than its predecessors (under 3 ounces!), it packs a pretty big punch for such a small box...I found the StudioJack Mini to be incredibly easy to set up and use, portable, reliable, and great-sounding. If you like the idea of a solid stereo audio interface that plays well with computers and iOS devices alike and weighs practically nothing, you’ll find the StudioJack Mini suits the bill perfectly."

Read more in the full-page StudioJack Mini review here. (1.4 MB pdf)


GuitarJack Stage Chosen as "Best of Show" Winner at Macworld/iWorld 2014
GuitarJack Stage, the forthcoming multi-platform pedal controller and audio interface from Sonoma Wire Works, was one of 11 products chosen as "Best of Show" at the Macworld/iWorld 2014 convention.

Expo Notes: Making the Mac (and iPad and iPhone) More Musical by Jim Galbraith.

Sonoma's Official Macworld 2014 Show Wrap Up

Sonic State

Sonic State Preview of DrumCore 4 at Musikmesse 2014
"DrumCore 4 uses real recordings of drummers to build a library of component audio building blocks of grooves and fills which can be seamlessly joined together to form your drum track. Based on audio, there's a limit to how far you can timestretch audio blocks recorded at one tempo to fit within a target track at a different tempo, but the software handily highlights which selections might not quite work within your composition, so you can be sure of crafting a track which fits together perfectly. In addition, the audio segments can be presented as MIDI information too, so you can swap out sounds easily." More at

Sonic State

Sonic State Preview of GuitarJack Stage at Musikmesse 2014
"You might be aware of the high quality yet teeny tiny Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack audio IO devices for iOS/USB devices ... well, it looks like there's something in the water out Sonoma way, as their latest offering has bulked up somewhat. The new GuitarJack Stage is designed for the rigors of on-stage use, so it's gonna get a bit of foot-booting. Looks like it can handle it, though. It's a pedal controller and audio interface, compatible with Mac, Windows, and iOS - device powered, but if you do plug it in, it'll charge your iPhone/iPad." More at


Audiofanzine Preview of GuitarJack Stage
Audiofanzine preview video of GuitarJack Stage at Musikmesse. More at


WNAMM14: DrumCore 4 Preview Video by Sweetwater
"For many years, DrumCore has been one of the staple drum virtual instruments music producers and professional composers have turned to consistently. Loaded with 20GB of exciting content, including over 100 fully sampled drum kits and countless stellar performances by world-class drummers such as Alan White, Terry Bozzio, Sly Dunbar, and many others, DrumCore 4 offers greater versatility than ever before."
Sonoma's Official NAMM 2014 Show Wrap Up


WNAMM14: GuitarJack Stage Preview Video by Sweetwater
"If the original GuitarJack iOS interfaces were any indication, then it’s clear that Sonoma Wire Works is passionate about capturing great-sounding guitar tone. Now they are about to release four new audio interfaces that take the same concept one step further. While the GuitarJack Stage and GuitarJack Mini are focused on mobile guitar processing and recording, the StudioJack and StudioJack Mini models let you take studio-quality recording capability on the road."
Sonoma's Official NAMM 2014 Show Wrap Up

Recording Magazine
Review by:
Mike Metlay

Recording Magazine Reviews GuitarJack 2 USB (January 2014 Issue)
"As a guitar input/output interface using an iOS device as the "brains" (e.g., for guitar effects processing) or simply for guitar recording, the GuitarJack 2 USB has the same killer audio quality and tone as the original [GuitarJack Model 2]; if you’re serious about getting great sound from your guitar to your iOS device or laptop and hearing it back out again, these interfaces have few peers[...]it can be used with iOS devices, Windows PCs, and Macs equally handily, and it’s sturdy and sounds dynamite. As a portable recording/listening solution for any and all audio computer devices out there, it’s hard to beat."

Rock N Roll Reporter
Review by:

RocknRoll Reporter (German) Reviews GuitarJack 2 USB
"The sound is excellent, and the latency is very, very low, so that makes the GuitarJack 2 USB at home in any studio. Better quality and easier to handle, you can not distinguish between the different worlds (IOS / Android / PC / Mac)..."


RiffRumble 23: METAL
Record your best metal song with RiffWorks (Mac/Win) or FourTrack (iPhone) on your own, or with up to 4 friends worldwide using RiffLink online song collaboration. Over $4000 in prizes are up for grabs, including a Codella Stormchaser Guitar, GuitarJack 2 USB for PC, Mac and select mobile devices, and more. There is no entry fee, and RiffWorks T4 free recording software may be used, so no purchase is necessary.

Enter Oct. 8 - 21
Listen to entries starting Oct. 8
Public Votes Oct. 8 - Nov. 4
Contestants Vote Oct. 22 - Nov. 4

About RiffRumble 23 | RiffRumble Forum | Subscribe to Announcements

The Mac Observer
Review by:
Chuck La Tournous

GuitarJack Model 2 Delivers Amp-Quality Sound in a Pocket-Sized Package
"After being accustomed to interfaces that rely on the iPad's headphone jack, we were absolutely blown away by the quality of sound delivered by GuitarJack Model 2. Using a good set of headphones, the sound rivaled a full bass rig/studio setup. Noise was virtually non-existent and the sound was pristine and full. I could actually see myself using Guitar Jack Model 2 and my iPad in a gig setting -- something I'd always scoffed at with analog devices like IK Multimedia's iRig."

Sound on Sound Magazine
Review by:
Will Betts

SNAMM 2013: Sonoma Wire Works
See prototypes and planned features for Sonoma's upcoming multiplatform audio interfaces: GuitarJack Mini portable audio I/O, StudioJack Mini portable multi-channel audio I/O and GuitarJack Stage studio quality I/O and pedal controller. Details subject to change.

Harmony Central
Review by:
Craig Anderton

GuitarJack 2 USB Musikmesse Video
"Looped recording, automatic track creation, InstantDrummer, 7 guitar-oriented effects, AmpliTube 2 Live, RiffLink online jamming, and RiffCaster instant podcasting make RiffWorks the easiest, most creative guitar recording system ever produced."

Sound on Sound Magazine

GuitarJack 2 USB for PC, Mac, and Mobile - Sonoma Opens Door for Low-Latency Android Audio
"We reported recently on the release of Sonoma Wire Works' Low Latency Audio solution for Android devides, which should make real-time music making apps much more feasible on Google devices. At Musikmesse Sonoma announced a new audio interface called GuitarJack 2 USB. Their previous interface, GuitarJack Model 2 only supported use on iOS but this new interface supports Mac, PC and select mobile devices."

Sonic State

MESSE13: Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack2 USB (Video Interview)
Daniel Codella shows GuitarJack 2 USB, which includes 24-bit AD/DA converters, 1/4" input, stereo 18" input, stereo 1/8" output, and more. It is compatible with desktops, laptops, and select mobile devices. The build quality is unlike anything else, and critically acclaimed as a great-sounding interface. Made in the U.S.A.

Sonic State

NAMM 2013 - Sonicstate Best Of Show Awards
"Perhaps not an obvious choice, but one that could have the most far-reaching consequences and change the topography of the app market for good. Acheiving 20ms audio in to out on Android - they said it couldn't be done. But Sonoma Wire Works did it. If this gets adopted into Android devices, we should see a massive leap forward in available apps. If Sonoma can convince the device makers to roll this driver into their handsets, then the whole world of music creation apps opens up to the largest mobile platform there is. Some would argue that music creation software is what made the iPhone and iPad cool and desirable, so in my opinion they be fools not too. Game on!"


Sonoma Wire Works has developed a low latency audio (LLA) solution for Android™ devices. Typical input to output latency on Android devices is between 100 and 250 milliseconds. Sonoma Wire Works’ LLA solution brings latency down to approximately 20 milliseconds. Sonoma Wire Works’ LLA solution for Android is available for license to device manufacturers.

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Trey Anastasio of Phish

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