RiffWorks T4 free recording software and RiffWorks Standard recording software ($129) include seven effects from Sonoma Wire Works. Add great sounding, fully optimized effects like auto-wah, multiband compression, modulation, delay, reverb, and British style EQ to your tunes. Effect algorithms were passionately designed by Sonoma Wire Works for superb sound quality, and are optimized for maximum performance.

"All seven of these effects have sumptuous interfaces with clearly laid out controls. They are all extremely easy to use and each is capable of producing effects that are truly individual and of excellent quality." Computer Music Magazine

ATTAQ is the ultimate Auto-wah filter effect. With Manual, Envelope or Sequence modes you can create wah effects from subtle to wild based on picking strength or a pattern. More about Attaq

Attaq effect

TRIPWIRE is a three-band compressor and distortion that can be used for everything from traditional low-mid-high eq to advanced frequency dependent compression and expansion, to insane pitch shifted distortion. More about Tripwire

Tripwire effect

TEMPEST is eight modulation effects in one unit. With selectable wave shapes and full control over range, depth and tempo-syncable speed, it's extremely flexible without being overly complex. More about Tempest

Tempest effect

4X4 is more than your average multi-tap delay. It actually uses 4 discreet delay lines with separate control over tempo-syncable delay time. With the adjustable feedback damping, you go from warm tape-echo sounds to bright digital delay sparkle. More about 4X4

4x4 effect

SUPERTANKER reverb comes with spring and plate style reverbs and allows you to adjust the size and damping of the reverb. More about SuperTanker

Supertanker effect

STAMINA is an optical style compressor that is perfect for tightening up a peformance or getting radical pumping effects. More about Stamina

Stamina effect

NOEQUAL has traditional British EQ controls which are great for dialing in silky smooth frequency changes, without harsh peaky artifacts. More about NoEqual

No Equal effect

Use these 7 effects in RiffWorks T4 free guitar recording software or RiffWorks Standard. See the RiffWorks feature comparison chart to decide which version you would like.

These effects are also availble as the Sonoma 7 VST Plugin for use in other DAWs.

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