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RiffCaster Guide: Post Songs Online Quickly and Easily

RiffCaster is a free song posting service integrated into RiffWorks. RiffCasted songs are posted on, where musicians worldwide connect and record songs together using RiffWorks. On, musicians list their gear, songs, collaborations, and comments. Similar interests are linked automatically, making it easy to find people with the same musical tastes. Musicians can post solo work or collaborations on for comments from the community and public. connects musicians who have similar interests and inspires them to make music together. Use RiffWorks' RiffLink online music collaboration to record songs with musicians worldwide (at the same time or different times) and chat while you're at it!

STEP 1: Create & Edit Your RiffWorld Profile


  1. Keep this guide page open for reference. Do not log into this guide.
  2. Open a new browser window and go to
  3. Login to by clicking "Login or Join" on If you already have a SonomaKey (username) from the store, RiffWorks, or the forums, then use the same one. Do not create more than one.
  4. Click on "View my profile" below your user name on the left.
  5. Edit your Musician Profile. Example of a complete profile here.)
    1. Upload an avatar (small and square). Format can be gif, jpg or png.
    2. Upload a picture (of you or your guitar, etc). Format can be gif, jpg or png and best not to exceed 500px wide or tall.
    3. Enter your musical influences and the kind of gear you use. For best results: Enter influences and gear exactly as the artist/band/manufacturer/company spells, capitalizes, and words them. RiffWorld Gear List Example in the Forum & RiffWorld Influences List Example in the Forum. Or use wikipedia or Google to quickly find the correct spellings and wordings of bands and products. Include the company name before the product. Do not include dashes, asterix, or extra characters. Include a return after each one. This will ensure that your profile will be linked to other people's profiles with similar interests. This makes it easy to find people with similar interests.

STEP 2: Post Your Songs to RiffWorld Using RiffCast


  1. Edit your RiffWorld Musician Profile before your first RiffCast (see steps above). Contact Support if you have difficulty.
  2. Record a song with RiffWorks. Download RiffWorks T4 for free, or buy RiffWorks Standard for the most features. Learn to use RiffWorks from the 32-Step Quick Start tutorial that begins when you launch it and from the RiffWorks Online Guide.
  3. Make sure your song complies with Sonoma's website terms of use (no covers that infringe on copyright) if you would like to publish it on RiffCaster.
  4. When you have a song you'd like to post, upload songs you've created with RiffWorks to using the RIFFCAST button in RiffWorks. This will bring up the RiffCaster submission form. Complete the form paying particular attention to the sections below:
    1. Title: Use only alphanumeric characters (A-Z and 0-9) No brackets, excessive punctuation, accents, umlauts or offensive language.
    2. Description: For best results, keep your description under 20 words without excessive punctuation. You can edit it from your RiffWorld profile later to add a longer description, lyrics, etc.
    3. Genre: Add words that describe the song so it shows up in searches generated by the RiffCaster Genre Tags. Use lower case letters only with no punctuation, slashes or dashes. Separate each word using a comma. You can always edit these later in your RiffWorld profile. Please do not include your name/username in the genre field. Example Genres: rock blues pop metal collaboration and more.
    4. Station: Choose a Station to post your song.
    5. Performers: Give credit to yourself if it is a solo effort, and the people who contributed to the song if it is a collaboration (input their usernames).
  5. Clicking RiffCast uploads your song to RiffWorld.
  6. Your song will appear on Recent RiffCasts, your Musician Profile, and in the genre lists you specified when you filled out the form.
  7. There will be an OGG and an MP3 download link under the song player on
  8. Share your music - Click your song's name on RiffWorld, get the "Embed Code" from that page and paste it into your web page, MySpace page, even paste your song as a MySpace comment.
  9. Your song will receive comments from the RiffWorks community and the public. Leave comments on others songs too! You can delete comments that your song receives by logging into RiffWorld and going to your comments.


  • You can also post songs using the upload form in your user profile on
  • See rules for the RiffRumble song contests for instructions about how to enter a solo or collaboration song.

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