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Answers to frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, try the RiffWorks Guide, the Index, the search box to the left, or the Forums. Or contact support by using this support form.


How is RiffWorks different than other recording applications (DAWs)?

Is a hardware device required to record with RiffWorks?

How many tracks does RiffWorks allow?

Can I record bass guitar with RiffWorks?

Can I record vocals and acoustic instruments with RiffWorks?

Can I record my keyboard in RiffWorks?

Can I record my whole band with RiffWorks?

Can I record my demo with RiffWorks?

Can RiffWorks play loops?

Are there drum loops included?

Does RiffWorks include any effects?

Does RiffWorks support plug-ins?

Can RiffWorks sync with other audio applications?

Has RiffWorks received good reviews?

What support is available for RiffWorks?

How much does RiffWorks cost and where can I purchase it?

Is there a demo of RiffWorks?

How do I create a song in RiffWorks?

How can RiffWorks be used in Guitar Lessons?

How do I collaborate online using RiffWorks?

Does RiffWorks export to other recording applications?

Can I use InstantDrummer Sessions in a song and put them on a cd?

Does RiffWorks support Line 6 PODX3 and PODX3 Live?

RiffWorks T4 & RiffWorks Standard Specifics

RiffWorks T4 and RiffWorks Standard System Requirements

RiffWorks T4 and Standard Feature Comparison Chart

How do I Install RiffWorks Standard

RiffWorks Line 6 Edition Specifics

What is the RiffWorks Line 6 Edition?

Upgrade from RiffWorks Line 6 Edition (v1, 1.1, 2.0) to RiffWorks Standard (v2.5)

Feature Comparison Chart

Will RiffWorks InstantDrummer sessions I bought from Line 6 a long time ago work in RiffWorks Standard v2.5?

Old: How do I upgrade from RiffWorks (v1) to RiffWorks Line 6 Edition (v2)?

Old: How do I Install RiffWorks Line 6 Edition?

RiffWorks Junior Specifics

What is RiffWorks Junior and how do I install it?

How do I upgrade from RiffWorks Junior to RiffWorks Standard?

Windows Specifics

Why does RiffWorks only support ASIO drivers?

Mac OS Specifics

Does RiffWorks run on the new Intel-based Macs?

Why does my Intel Mac say it doesn't have any supported input devices?


What is your Return Policy?

What is the RiffWorks EULA and associated Websites Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

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