Why upgrade/crossgrade to RiffWorks Standard from RiffWorks Line 6 Edition?
RiffWorks Line 6 Edition v2.2 ($99) is an outdated, discontinued edition of RiffWorks. RiffWorks Line 6 Edition v2.2 is different from RiffWorks T4 v2.6.x (free) currently bundled with Line 6 devices.

You can tell which edition you have by looking at the top right-hand side of your RiffWorks interface. All RiffWorks Line 6 Edition v1 and v2.2 users should crossgrade to RiffWorks Standard v2.6.x (on sale for $25 - $35) using the steps below.

All RiffWorks T4 (free) edition users should purchase RiffWorks Standard v2.6.x (on sale for $49).

What makes RiffWorks Standard better than RiffWorks Line 6 Edition?

  • RiffWorks Standard and RiffWorks T4 are at v2.6.x and will continue to be updated, while RiffWorks Line 6 Edition will remain at v2.2, and will not be updated.
  • RiffWorks Standard is not keyed to one Line 6 hardware device at a time like RiffWorks Line 6 Edition was. RiffWorks Standard works with ASIO and Core Audio Devices, so you can use it to "plug and play" with your choice of devices from Line 6, IK, M-Audio and more. Recommended Hardware
  • RiffWorks Standard can Export Riffs to .wav, while RiffWorks Line 6 Edition cannot.
  • RiffWorks Standard supports 32 Bit and 16 Bit Recording as well as 32 Bit and 16 Bit Mix, while Line 6 Edition can only do 16 Bit Recording and 16 Mix.
  • RiffWorks Standard supports VST plugin amp models like Line 6 GearBox and PodFarm, IK Multimedia AmpliTube products, Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2 & 3, and more. RiffWorks Line 6 Edition only supports GearBox and PadFarm.
  • RiffWorks Standard includes the Sonoma 7 VST Plugin to use in other DAWs, while RiffWorks Line 6 Edition does not.
  • There were significant improvements in the RiffWorks v2.2 to v2.5 update and even more in the RiffWorks v2.5 to v2.6 update, including compatibility with the most recent OS versions: Windows 7, Vista, XP SP3, MacOS 10.6, 10.5, 10.4. RiffWorks Line 6 Edition may not be compatible with recent OS versions.
  • RiffWorks Standard includes one extra free InstantDrummer session, "RAW Funk Grooves."
  • RiffWorks Standard users receive 60 days of free RiffLink online collaboration (value $20) for a limited time.
  • Free download for RiffWorks v2.6.x users: Discrete Drums Demo RWID and a DrumCore Demo RWID

RiffWorks Standard and Line 6 Edition Feature Comparison Chart

How to crossgrade from RiffWorks Line 6 Edition to RiffWorks Standard Download
RiffWorks Line 6 Edition Version 1 owners receive $90 off, making RiffWorks $39.
RiffWorks Line 6 Edition Version 2 owners receive $100 off, making RiffWorks $29.

If you own RiffWorks Line 6 Edition (v1, v1.1 or v2), and would like to crossgrade/upgrade to RiffWorks Standard (v2.6.x) with one of the above discounts, email support@sonomawireworks.com and include the following in your email:

1. Your SonomaKey (same as your username for RiffWorks, forums, store, etc.). If you don't have one, get one here. Do not create two accounts.

2. Your GuitarPort, PODxt or TonePort serial number (the long number under the bar code).

3. Attach a screenshot of the Line 6 Monkey that includes your current RiffWorks version number and any InstantDrummer sessions you purchased from Line 6. (How to take a screenshot.)

Song Files from Older Versions of RiffWorks
The song files and riff files saved in version 1 or later will open in the current version of RiffWorks Standard.

InstantDrummer Sessions
You'll need to download the InstantDrummer sessions you had for the Line 6 Edition from Sonoma Wire Works (for free) in order for them to work in RiffWorks Standard v2.6.x. The 9 drummers that come free with RiffWorks Standard will automatically be included in the downloads of your Sonoma account after you crossgrade.

If you purchased additional InstantDrummers from Line 6 many years ago (not Sonoma Wire Works), we need to add those to your Sonoma Account Downloads. Include any InstantDrummer sessions you've purchased from Line 6 in your screenshot and mention them in your email to Sonoma's support team (support@sonomawireworks.com).

We will reply to your email with your coupon code within 2 business days.

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